Baby’s First Year Book

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baby memory book

Introducing our baby memory book!

This baby book is a great way for you to record all of your babies first year milestones – with spaces to record their growth, birth story, month highlights and much more this book is definitely a keepsake to cherish!

The book was designed to reflect the modern minimal style, it features sleek fonts and designs that are definitely timeless. Each page contains prompts to guide you in your journal writing but is not too structured, which allows you to add your own personal touches. There are blank areas throughout which are intended for photos, but you can use the space as you wish!

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The book is broken down into four parts:


Part 1: Before I Arrived

This section contains content from when the parents found out, pregnancy moments, letters from the parents to baby, a family tree and some information about the parents. This section allows you to let your baby know all of the thoughts and feelings you had while anticipating their arrival!!


Part 2: Hello World

This part contains all things surrounding when the baby arrives – the birth story, hospital keepsakes, hand and footprints, information about their name, first photos etc. This is such a great way to be able to record all of the first moments and be able to share them with your child in the years to come.


Part 3: My First Month

This includes summaries and photos from the first four weeks as well as information and photos of their first home, nursery and visitors. They grow so much in the first month and this allows you to capture each and every moment and memory.


Part 4: My First Year

Here is where you record their first haircut, firth tooth, track their growth, first word, first bath, and provide month highlights, including what they like, dislike and what they can do! There is also a section surrounding their first birthday. This section will allow you to look back and remember all the little things (that you likely would forget if you didn’t record them!)



  • Size: 10” x 8” – Hardcover, 68 pages
  • A small envelope intended for the babies first haircut
  • Personalization of the front cover